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Lighthouse Landing, 14 East Broadway Port Jefferson Directly across from the Port Jefferson Ferry 631-473-1117
Port Jefferson

Many precious gems require thousands of years to form, months to extract from the earth, weeks to travel to the polisher, and countless hours to cut and polish into the spectacular gems available at Ecolin. Our evolution to the present day, multi-faceted gem and jewelry business we now operate, was far shorter… but every bit as intriguing. Founded in 1971, Ecolin has grown from a small mom and pop lapidary and service shop into a second generation exceptional source for the best in jewelry, gems, design and repair. Through experience, education, and hard work, the Baker family is proud to offer original custom designs, rare and precious gems, GIA certified diamonds, and above all, an unparrelled reputation for honesty and integrity. Open year round, we invite you to visit our shop and delight your senses. Be assured that any purchase you make, either in-store or online, will be handled with personal attention and guaranteed satisfaction.


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